AskAlex #9

I’m afraid there weren’t many questions for me to choose from this week. Some would have evolved into something far too personal for online publication and there were a lot of questions aimed at certain professions, which I therefore couldn’t answer. However, I’ve picked a question that should hopefully give you some inspiration and also a little insight into my tastes. If you have any questions for me, leave them in a comment for me to answer next week!

What is a “must watch” series/film on Netflix?

I have only recently re-joined Netflix after having it as a student. Back then, I cancelled it after the free one month trial due to it having a far too small range of films to watch. Indeed, it still does have a very limited range of films. However, when I left uni, I got into watching certain TV series that Netflix is actually pretty good for.

I’m not sure Breaking Bad really needs any more fans but if you love fast-paced, unpredictable dramas then it’s a definite must-watch. It is quickly accelerating towards its finale now but Netflix has every episode, so you can catch up on what is going on. Dexter is another series that is aired on Fox here but is also available on Netflix for those of us without Sky. As I live in the UK, Netflix airing these amazing American TV series is a god-send.

There are also some great British series on there such as Doctor Who (the old and the new), although not every episode is there, which is disappointing. Downton Abbey is another British show which has had a lot of success Stateside and therefore gets the Netflix approval.

One series I’ve always wanted to get into that isn’t available on Netflix is House. It has had some really great reviews and when I went to watch it on Netflix, I was upset that it wasn’t there. Netflix is definitely better for TV than it is for films. None of the Harry Potter films are available, which is a shame but The Hunger Games is, as is The Hobbit. There is no denying that there are some great films available but it seems that there’s never the one that I want to watch!



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