AskAlex #10

Bit of a strange one this week but it really was right up my street. That makes me sound like a strange one myself but hey, maybe I am. It certainly is one that makes you think though and perhaps view certain films in a different light. Once again, if you have a question for me, please leave it in a comment and I will answer it!

What is the darkest “kids movie” you’ve ever seen?

I’m pretty sure it’s no secret that most fairytales have dark origins. I did study fairytales at uni and the original versions are really quite disturbing. They’re full of violence, sex and prejudice all cleverly disguised in this creepy, child-friendly world. However, Disney came in and poured cheerful light all over the original tales in order to create their versions and naturally, none of the films have much real darkness in them.

Some of the more quirky kids films are incredibly dark. Coraline is one of my favourite films and although it is a naturally weird, surreal film, I’m pretty sure that had I been around seven or eight when I’d seen this animated wonder, I would have been terrified. Mothers and fathers being taken away by their evil, button-eyed Others? Children being captured by this evil metal spider mother and left to die with their eyes replaced by buttons? I’ve never been quite sure whether Coraline is a kids film or not. The fact that it’s an animation with a kid protagonist suggests that it is but almost everything else about it suggests that it’s really really not!

Being a big Harry Potter fan, I also refuse to believe that the Prisoner of Azkaban onwards are for children. The first two films are relatively mild compared to the later ones although the whole Basilisk saga in the Chamber of Secrets still terrifies me. However, the Harry Potter series gets progressively darker as do the books. Dan is constantly teasing me saying that they’re aimed at eight year olds but I have and always will refuse to accept the view that flesh-eating snakes, the cold-blooded murders of Muggle borns and the terrifying faces of Veelas are suitable for children’s eyes. This is an argument that often comes up between my boyfriend and I and I always maintain my point that there is so much darkness that kids can’t simply skim over in their innocence.

So what do you think? Are there any so-called “kids movies” that frighten or disturb you? Let me know!


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