Death By Sexy

Death By Sexy_2013It has been a while since I posted a newcomers article but a recent press release for the new single by Death By Sexy seemed to warrant it. An incredibly unique sound with describe themselves as “drug pop”. One listen to their single Burning Like A Fever and I definitely agree with them!

Fronted by LA singer Jimmy Sweet, the band is completed by four London ladies with a wealth of musical talent. They’ve been hanging around the London pub scene since last year, giving the back-room-gig-goers a show which sounds like Black Keys meets glam rock enshrouded with smoke. Slow and seductive, their licks are perfect for creating a calming, spaced-out atmosphere as the music sleepily trudges along.

The new single Burning Like A Fever, which is available now along with its B-side Lady Low, begins with resonating riffs before Jimmy’s soft lazy voice comes in. With the girls’ harmonies, it takes on a ethereal, other-worldly form that wouldn’t look out of place in the finale of The Rocky Horror Show. It’s perfect chill-out music that will without a doubt take you to another place. Listen to it below.

For more information on Death By Sexy, visit their Facebook and Twitter.


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