SONG REVIEW: The Provincial Archive, Common Cards

theprovincialarchivecommoncardsTITLE: Common Cards
BAND: The Provincial Archive
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: August 22nd 2013

Quirky indie music is always right up my street, so I was pretty happy when The Provincial Archive appeared on my radar. Calm, catchy but without a hint of the same old stuff we’re used to, they’re a band who will introduce you to a new way of listening to indie-folk. Common Cards is the perfect introduction to a band whose future looks promising.

They’re a Canadian four-piece, who have been around since late 2008 but who are now back after a long silence and ready to re-launch. Described as “emotionally crushing”, their dreamy sound offers itself again in the form of the new single, which draws up comparisons to The National and Grizzly Bear. The Provincial Archive are playing three dates in the UK to promote their new material -September 23rd at The Windmill in London, 25th at The Galli: Music in the Forest in Bristol and 26th at The Chambers in Folkestone.

theprovincialarchiveStarting off with a kooky bassline and the folksy tambourine in the back before going off on a whimsical tangent, Common Cards is led by a nasal vocal that simply drifts in and out of a rippling acoustic guitar. It’s a laid-back affair with decorative additions such as pretty riffs in a simplistic arrangement.

The video features the Good Women Dance Collective, who offer an beautiful interpretation of the song through the medium of dance. Again, everything is kept simple and as a result, it’s only the message that shines through -just because everything around you is plain and boring, it doesn’t mean you can’t create something amazing.


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