EP REVIEW: Nolita View, Islander

nolitaviewepTITLE: Islander
BAND: Nolita View
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: August 1st 2013

London indie band Nolita View are a mysterious lot. With very little information about their history on their social media pages, their origins are completely unknown and I quite like that about them. Taking their name from a song by The National, they have produced a series of songs that channel a retro rock and roll sound injected with a healthy dose of modern cool.

Islander is their most recent release and it begins with its title track. A growling high-pitched beep checks us in before we’re introduced to a funky indie guitar. Kooky vocals join the summer Americana riff with strong drums. It’s a chilled track, much to the approval of a genuine islander no doubt. Due to its infectious riffs, it’s the perfect live track too.

nolitaviewMoving on to Alive, again full of catchy guitar which repeats over and over. The indie vocal licks become quite atmospheric as the guitar dances along. Set to a chilled sing-song melody with a ringing riff to end, it’s a pretty indie track without a hint of pretension.

In the middle is the loveable Angel Eyes. An indie pop riff and steady drums with a melodic vocal. It’s a quirky song with a childhood innocence to it set to a marching rhythm. It wouldn’t look out of place as the theme of a kids TV show with its strong defiance, making it a great live track. You can imagine crowds singing back the words in an intimate setting.

Skin and Bones has a pop-punk influence in the opening riff. It’s a simple melody sung in a quirky pop-punk vocal with an indie accent. The catchy chorus is great for singing along to, which is such a key element in creating a big hit. Guitars play out the end with the hiss of cymbals accompanying them.

Ending on lead single Polly, which begins with rhythmic drums and a pretty pop-punk riff. A kooky indie rhythm is again present in this chilled summer party song. A relaxed hipster vibe surrounds it and the harmonies from the backing vocal give it a bit of oomph as the catchy indie song runs its course. There are no questions about how this is the most popular single to date with bloggers and reviewers praising it left, right and centre.

It’s a good indie album with hints of other styles of rock inside it. It certainly gets better as the record goes along with so much packed into just five tracks. They may be small at the moment but they’ve got a bunch of songs that will no doubt hit the world hard.


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