SONG REVIEW: Ghost Twins, Unknown Animal

ghosttwinsunknownanimalTITLE: Unknown Animal
BAND: Ghost Twins
LABEL: Snug Recording Co
RELEASED: October 7th 2013

Around this time last year, I reviewed the self-titled EP of an atmospheric electropop duo named Crushing Blows. The Derbyshire pair have since changed their name to Ghost Twins and are about to release their debut single Unknown Animal under the new moniker. Adding a bit of a darker twist on their previous style, it’s time to prepare for the new age of this talented twosome.

Unknown Animal will have a twin of its own in the form of double A-side partner Dream On/Dream Off. Their new album is due for release next year and with comparisons to Arcade Fire, it certainly isn’t an event that electropop fans will want to miss. With comments from Artrocker such as:

“With elements that echo progressive rock, electro and pop, it’s quite nice to not to be able to pigeon-hole a band entirely to one genre.”

ghosttwinsIndeed, I love it when a band doesn’t fit into any established genre. It means their sound is original and likely to appeal to a range of tastes. Ghost Twins’ first effort is an eerie affair with a magical, haunting piano at its intro. Weird, whispery vocals join in and it seems to jog along to a soothing electronic guitar. Soft drums arrive and the ethereal wails of “unknown animal” create a real sense of fear.

Odd, unidentified electronics show up and you’d be forgiven for thinking an alien life-form had crept into the airwaves and created interference. Remnants of this invasion is present right until the very end with the electronic whizzes until the piano slowly plays us out.

It’s an unnerving track that will leave you with a monster and a feeling of mystery. Ghost Twins certainly look to on to a promising start, as their debut single certainly makes you think, causes some confusion and makes you want to listen again.


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