AskAlex #14

This week’s question is a little bit of a difficult one to answer. I didn’t want to answer it originally but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to. Having a think about this question is something I think everyone should do every now and then, in order to soothe the soul and re-assess your self-perception.

What makes you attractive?

Having pretty low self-esteem, it’s not easy for me to find the right answer. Of course, I’m not going to write a few hundred words about how wonderful I am because it would all be a lie and probably quite off-putting to many of you. However, over the years I’ve learnt that I’m not all bad, despite what my inner self-loathing may tell me.

Looking at myself in a light that I don’t often shed is odd. In fact, I had to ask my long-term boyfriend what he found attractive about me to which he replied my curves and my modesty. Now, naturally my curves are something I myself have a love/hate relationship with. The fact that he loves the way I am is something I was really pleased to hear. The previous comment is probably an example of my modesty. He loves that I’m unassuming with a lack of pretension and obviously that is a quality that I’m very proud of.

I guess something else that makes me attractive is my drive to be kind to people and help anyone as best I can. I’m never mean to anyone who hasn’t been mean to me and that’s something that is obviously attractive in other people. Therefore, I can only assume it’s attractive in me. I’m also a very hard worker and I suppose to some people, that is also an attractive quality.

It’s a strange notion to explore because obviously attractive qualities are entirely subjective. What my boyfriend finds attractive about me may be considered as ugly and reserved by others. I suppose the best way to be as attractive as possible is simply to treat people how you want to be treated, have a passion and be a little selfless once in a while.


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