SONG REVIEW: Golden State, World On Fire

goldenstateTITLE: World On Fire
BAND: Golden State
LABEL: State Champ Records
RELEASED: September 30th 2013

Golden State are a pop-rock band from you guessed it, California. LA to be exact. They’re a four-piece who include a former member of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, who I unashamedly loved when I was a teenager. Naturally, I love bands who sing sincerely over attitude-fuelled instruments and Golden State are exactly that.

They’ve been compared to Muse and Echo and the Bunnymen, thanks to their previous releases including their single Bombs, which was featured in Gossip Girl’s fifth season finale. Golden State have been around for a couple of years now but their latest album Division, which is currently only available in the US, is set to be released to the world.

goldenstateWorld On Fire is the album’s opening track and it’s a great chill-out rock track. Ringing riffs to start and some melodic harmonies with a strong soulful pop-rock slant. Pop-punk guitars then enter and the rich, clear tones of the chorus mean we catch on quick. Strong intermittent drums add an underlying rumble but the core melody is the element that sustains throughout the song.

It’s perfect for simply kicking back and enjoying a spot of energetic, simple rock. Golden State are more of an understated Muse. Matt Bellamy performs all sorts of tricks with his voice but the vocal here bears resemblance to Matt’s lower range only. All the same, it’s a catchy song that you’ll be humming long after it’s over. Have a listen!


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