EP REVIEW: Echo Park, Deluge

echoparkepTITLE: Deluge
BAND: Echo Park
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: August 14th 2013

I’ve made no secret of my preferred musical tastes on this blog and I can only imagine that this was the reason for my being contacted by Echo Park. A very new band who formed last year, who released their debut EP this summer, Echo Park have already gained a fan in BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson. To me, they’re the perfect balance between Deaf Havana and Funeral For A Friend and some of the songs on Deluge are still rolling around my head.

The Guildford five-piece have aspirations of bringing their melodic rock to London and the South East and I can only say that we will of course welcome them with open arms. Beautiful singing riffs, a distinctive vocal and some lovely atmospheric moments make them perfect live performers, so I really hope I get down to see a show some time!

echoparkBeginning with Circles and its introductory, funky pop-rock guitar. A steady drum joins in and the signature quirky, pop-punk vocal begins to sing the catchy melody. It’s a great live track that you can sing along to and a tricky guitar to end it really showcases their plethora of talent.

It moves on to This Life, where the Deaf Havana resemblance is evident in the guitar ripples. It’s an upbeat track with passionate vocals and plenty of instrumental breaks which I love. These musical interludes provide us with swaying rhythms, atmospheric tones and frantic alternative bursts, which are a great clue as to what comes up next.

They take a bit of a dark turn in the second half of the EP. Shadow Days has shed its pop-punk aura and swapped it for dark strumming and metallic riffs set to a dark sinister vocal. This added grit proves to us that Echo Park aren’t all about singing sweet melodies and happy riffs. They stick to their melodic rock roots though, clothing it with dark shadows.

Ending with Miles, which appears to be a lament for a long-distance lover. Bouncing strums back the slow, whispery vocals which are full of melancholy. The vocals accelerate into a pretty climax whilst retaining a sad lonely feeling powered by strong drums. It’s definitely a great finale with alternative rock flourishes on the end, making it an atmospheric and resonating final song.

Deluge is a really great first EP. If you love your melodic rock, then Echo Park are definitely a band for you to check out. They’re still growing and developing their sound too, which is very exciting considering that this is the standard they’ve already reached.


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