EP REVIEW: Puppet Rebellion, Chemical Friends

puppetrebellionepTITLE: Chemical Friends
BAND: Puppet Rebellion
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: June 20th 2013

Another very new band, who have recently released their debut EP, is Puppet Rebellion. They’re a Manchester five-piece who contacted me on Twitter a while ago and I’ve only just got round to listening to their summer EP. Having only been together since the start of this year, they’ve only played a few low-key shows so far although they were lucky enough to be played during half time at a Manchester United game. No doubt a great achievement for such a young band.

Beginning with the title track, which gets off to a strong start with banging drums and a mechanical alternative guitar. There are dark undertones which contrast the upbeat catchy melody, led by traditional indie vocals. Its tapping beat makes you want to get up and dance but it never gets rid of its dark edge which seems to run underneath. It’s a great live track that has all the ingredients of being a real crowd pleaser.

puppetrebellionIn the middle of this northern indie sandwich is The Greatest Lie Ever Told. It has a summer vibe in the initial pop-rock riff and the strong drums toughen it up. As with so many Manchester based indie bands, there’s a gritty charm that just seeps through and Puppet Rebellion certainly have that. There’s a real passion in the vocal delivery and it’s balanced out with the atmospheric breakdown of the instruments with ringing riffs and fast drumming. It has a real catchy hook which causes it to become a real earworm.

Ending on The New Twenty, which is a wonderful coming of age song about wanting to be younger. Fast tribal drums kick off the rebellion against growing old and a kooky fast guitar joins it. Their signature northern indie vocal takes us through this really thought-provoking song, which has a simple but catchy melody. It’s a real commercial track and is well-rounded with a neat ending that makes you want to listen all over again.

Although indie is a very over-saturated genre now, I love that Puppet Rebellion are still bringing a breath of fresh air to it all. On the whole, they are another Mancunian indie band but something about them really sets them apart from the rest. The lack of pretension is what makes them likeable and I’m pretty sure this approach to the niche will get them far.


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