SONG REVIEW: The Honey Ants, Give Me Arms

Give Me Arms ArtworkTITLE: Give Me Arms
BAND: The Honey Ants
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: October 28th 2013

Acoustic music is always my go-to choice when I want to just kick back and relax. As I’ve had a pretty busy work week, I welcomed this track with open arms (and ears!). The Honey Ants are a London duo who are heavily influenced by folk-rock of the 60s and 70s including Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles.

The group, made up of guitarist and singer John Grimsey and singer Rebecca Hamer, have played as backing artists at Glastonbury and had their music showcased on Channel 4 series Sirens, as well as airplay on BBC 6Music. Their lilting vocals are a match made in heaven and their new single Give Me Arms is the perfect example of it.

Honey Ants ColourStripped back and so simple, John strums along to a mellow rhythm enlightened by their beautiful harmonies. It’s a song that seems to have a lot of desperation and hopelessness. The whole thing is an extended metaphor for being broken into pieces by a lover and begging them to leave your arms so that you can never let them go.

Very sad but the lyrics paint such intricate pictures of a small, dismembered clay or paper doll, who has no control over how it turns out. It pleads with its maker who it loves dearly to give it the arms it so desperately wants. It’s a quirky way of depicting the feeling of being crushed by an ex-lover but it’s so original and makes a simple song into something so much bigger.

I love the folksy vibe that their music has and their voices really do sound amazing together. No doubt their live shows are truly awesome. Perfect autumnal chill-out music. Have a look at the video below and see how captivating two people in a recording studio with a guitar can be.


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