SONG REVIEW: Jupiter Falls, World War Three

jupiterfallssingleTITLE: World War Three
BAND: Jupiter Falls
LABEL: UNIR1 Records
RELEASED: October 7th 2013

Despite their British roots, rockers Jupiter Falls have already gained some fans across the pond with comments such as “excellent songwriting, performing and producing skills and material that sounds ready for a commercial market”. They’re pretty new on the scene too and will be releasing their debut album Revolution in December. Their classic rock sound has created some hype on the internet and they have now released their debut single World War Three.

Citing influences such as Shinedown and Metallica, they’re channelling a strong, mechanical sound that has been done countless times before. However, these guys are no copycats. You can certainly hear essence of their influences in the song but it’s re-worked into their very own brand of classic, albeit modern, rock.

jupiterfallsGravelly, Americana vocals that have a crisp romantic tone to them a la Bon Jovi really steal the show. It gets off to a slow chilled start before the guitars begin to snarl and the drums arrive with a bang. Even though, it does have a lot of grit and no traces of pop, it still has a beautiful melody that makes it perfect for singing along to.

The instrumental provides the guitars with a platform to really show off and some tricky riffs are displayed, creating a real moshpit atmosphere. Traces of Bullet For My Valentine are there but they’ve taken out the screams and fuzz that characterise so many modern alternative metal bands. Unlike so many rock bands, they have a singer who has a great voice as opposed to someone who can just shout over music.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jupiter Falls have a bit of a moment after the release of their album, as there is definitely a gap in the market for a band like them. Rock for those who love a pretty, catchy melody while still managing to swerve the label of pop-rock. Have a watch of the video below.


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