AskAlex #16

I had to search pretty hard for a good question that I could write a lengthy answer to today. As a result, I’m not too sure how it will pan and what I’m willing to admit to but I think it’s something that everyone can give a totally unique answer to. Due to that fact, I invite you to also answer it and let me know of your reply.

What are you too old for but still do on a regular basis?

I have to admit that I sometimes look at myself and think “my god, you’re really childish”. However, whatever has triggered that reaction has probably made me really happy, so that normally lets me just shrug it off. This is something that I think everyone should bear in mind, if they ever catch themselves doing something that society tells them they’re “too old” for.

For me, it’s my tastes in things such as music, books and films. As a girl in her early twenties, I still read the occasional Jacqueline Wilson book, who was my favourite author as a pre-teen, simply because there’s nothing better than a nice easy read every now and then. I also still love Disney and regularly re-watch the films. In fact, whenever I need a pick-me-up, there’s nothing like Monsters Inc or Up. The classic Disney princess films are also great to just get lost in for an hour or so and remember a simpler time. Every once in a while, I’ll also go on a nostalgic trip through YouTube and listen to all the cheesy pop tunes that took up so much of my time between the ages of seven and thirteen, just to reminisce and smile for a little while. All of these things are considered “not suitable” for a twenty-two year old but what does it matter, if they make me happy? Of course, I have adult tastes in these things too but every now and then, the easier option is what I need.

Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason we sometimes revert back to childish things is to forget that we’re adults for a while. Being a grown-up with a job and possible responsibilities is really tough and can be quite draining. So we look back to things that made us happy when we were young, in order to immerse ourselves in that innocent bliss again. Kids films and books are fun, simple and full of hope, which is exactly what we want when things are getting us down. It’s really therapeutic to leave all your grown-up stresses behind and regress to a time when nothing mattered.

I really think that being comfortable with it is a gender thing. I’m pretty sure that women are more open about how much “childish stuff” they get up to. Maybe I’m being unfair and sexist but when my friends and I went to see Despicable Me 2 in the summer, the guys obviously had a little bit of an issue about going to see a “kids film”. Us girls were really excited about having a light-hearted, relaxing evening but the guys were uneasy about paying to see a film that didn’t have a hard-hitting, all-action storyline with some deep serious stuff going on. If you’re a guy who is open about enjoying things which are predominantly aimed at kids, then I apologise and also salute you.


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