SONG REVIEW: Down The Machine, Everything I Am Not

downthemachinesingleTITLE: Everything I Am Not
BAND: Down The Machine
LABEL: Ambicon Records
RELEASED: September 12th 2013

Leeds alternative band Down The Machine recently released a free download in the form of their track Everything I Am Not. It marks the end of a hiatus for them and came just before a few Yorkshire tour dates at the end of September. They first began in 2009 and clocked up a number of UK festival appearances and radio airplay. Their new album is set for release next year.

With comparisons to classic alternative bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Alice In Chains, their music is hard-hitting with an industrial sound. Electronics also run alongside their dark riffs and clattering drums. They’re a band who appeal to a lot of rocky tastes and have the ability to get an audience on their feet.

downthemachineEverything I Am Not begins with a resonating tone before the snarling vocals appear and escalate into a passionate melody. There is an eerie tone to the vocals which appear to drag themselves over the slowly building instruments. A lot of drama is contained in them and the emotion is let out on the choruses.

The instrumental is a real freak out session and the angst of the entire song really comes through at the end. Dirty growling guitars and slamming drums with a truly impressive, squealing guitar solo before the vocals return. No doubt it is best heard during a live set, as the grit and passion can really be carried across.

Have a listen to the soundcloud below!


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