AskAlex #17

Today I veer sharply away from reality and once again, plunge myself into the wonderful fantastical worlds that other people have created. As you know, I’m a huge book lover and I especially love books that are so far away from real life that you can completely forget about whatever stresses there are in yours. Who doesn’t love to escape to a world that is submerged in beautiful fantasy?

If you could visit any fictional world, what would it be and why?

I think the answer to this is anywhere that transports me somewhere and yet still has elements that I can relate to. The world of Harry Potter, which is so close to reality that it isn’t ever given an official name, is beautiful and intriguing. Apart from the fantastical creatures that inhabit it and the magical happenings, it is so similar to our world that it’s almost like you haven’t gone anywhere at all. Due to this, it’s not quite distant enough from reality for me and although I’d love to visit it purely to witness all the wonderful things that occur there, I wouldn’t want to stay too long due to the utter despair and darkness that is there.

Another childhood favourite of mine is Alice In Wonderland and I’d say that this is probably the place I’d most like to visit. Naturally, the topsy-turvy nature of it would confuse me but it would also enthral and excite me. Meeting so many odd characters, hearing so many strange stories and getting the chance to get homesick like Alice actually sounds like something I’d really enjoy. Being able to contrast it with my real life would just be amazing but alas, Wonderland was of course all a dream and I’ve tried so many times to create my own place which is just as incredible but to no avail as of yet.

I also love the world of Pokemon and as a pre-teen was obsessed with becoming a trainer at the age of ten and catching all 150 (remember when that’s all there was?) Pokemon. Even as an adult, I’d still love to live in a world where I’m surrounded by cute monsters and my only goal in life is to train and care for them. It does take patience, determination and ambition but wouldn’t you love to have a mother who simply wants to make sure you have a town map before embarking on an amazing life-long journey? I certainly would!




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