Top 10 Halloween Songs

First of all, happy Halloween! Recently, I’ve noticed that the radio has been playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller over and over again and it has been driving me mad for the entirety of October. I don’t particularly hate the song but I just wondered why they didn’t play alternative Halloween songs because believe it or not, there are a fair few other songs that could qualify as Halloween party appropriate. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite spooky songs.

1. Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights.

Such a spell-binding voice relating a beautiful classic story of love, passion and the eternal longing of Cathy’s wandering spirit for her Heathcliff. She wants to grab his soul away. Creepy enough for you?

2. Shakespear’s Sister, Stay

Another tragic but beautiful ballad with connotations of death and the human world’s desire to hold onto loved ones. The video is the perfect combination of weird and spooky.

3. Rihanna, Disturbia

Not exactly haunting but undeniably spine-tingling.

4. Panic! At The Disco, This Is Halloween

The Danny Elfman composed version is from the wonderful Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I love this version. It’s creepy for the kids but still a wonderfully catchy song.

5. My Chemical Romance, Welcome To The Black Parade

To be fair, I could have chosen any song from this album but I went for the title track and it’s freaky video costumes.

6. Ray Parker Jr, Ghostbusters

Adding a slice of joy to any Halloween party. I dare you to put it on and not smile.

7. Meat Loaf, Bat Out Of Hell

It’s always been one of my favourite songs and although it isn’t creepy as such, bats are Halloweeny enough, right?

8. Good Charlotte, My Bloody Valentine

So, a guy loves a girl so much that he brutally murders her boyfriend to be with her. One of the creepiest stories ever told in a song, I think!

9. The Police, Every Breath You Take

Widely considered a romantic ballad, it’s quite clearly about a stalker preying on an ex of his. Anyone who thinks this is a love song has a pretty warped view of what a healthy relationship is like.

10. Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers, Monster Mash

I could never leave this gem of a track off of this list!



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