EP REVIEW: The Future Has Beens, Black Death

futurehasbeensepTITLE: Black Death
BAND: The Future Has Beens
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: November 22nd 2012

Suffolk alternative band The Future Has Beens are inspired by rock giants such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. They’re a trio who have already clocked up a number of local gigs in their home town of Felixstowe and their live performance has earned them a loyal fanbase in the two years they’ve been together, which has also seen them release two EPs including Black Death and their self-titled debut EP. B-Side Magazine have said of them:

“Coming on like Queens of the Stone Age having a fist fight with The Melvins and Therapy? Future Has Beens are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from East Anglia’s rock scene in ages. Expect amazing rock thrills!”

futurehasbeensThe latest EP begins with its title track, which has a deep funky bass, slamming drums and alternative riffs. There is an initial kooky indie slant on the vocal which quickly fades away to a more passionate angsty sound. A catchy beat which is reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age but it does have an upbeat pop rhythm.

In the middle is Weightless with its original soft drum, another funky bassline and a growling mechanical riff. A screaming vocal ups the angst and contrasts the sexy alternative grit that flows through the whole song. Bouncing along, the rhythm carries the tricky singing riffs in the instrumental and it’s a really great live track that you can freak out to.

Ending on Repeat To Fade, the EP starts with fuzzy alternative riffs and a strong drum beat, which make up the catchy prolonged intro. A snarling vocal arrives and it certainly has the casual QOTSA sound. Slamming riffs and angsty passion is laced through it and we’re left with a fierce impression of the band who have charmed so many with their energetic live performances.

Black Death is a theatrical, dirty alternative collection of songs and it portrays the band to be angsty, defiant personalities. In places, there is enough softness for their songs to be sensual but overall, it is an EP that you’d listen to in order to block out the world and indulge in someone else’s problems.



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