SONG REVIEW: Mike Hughes, (That Girl Is) Misery

mikehughessongTITLE: (That Girl Is) Misery
ARTIST: Mike Hughes
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: October 7th 2013

Yorkshire musician Mike Hughes, who has recently supported Miles Kane, has a dirty indie sound just right. Arctic Monkeys producer Ross Orton has championed him and led to him recording a bunch of original tracks. (That Girl Is) Misery is the first taste of these sessions and it’s got a real authentic Americana mixed with dark Northern indie.

Sharing band members with Miles Kane himself, Mike Hughes is already very much a rising star. His album will be available next year and will be a definite must for fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and of course Miles Kane.

MIKE HUGHES press shot 2013 loFierce strumming, bluesy nasal vocals and strong marching drums, (That Girl Is) Misery is a bit of an anti-ballad. A mob mentality is rife in the backing vocals and the shredding at the halfway point adds a dirty rock element. Drunkenly slurring through the slower section, comments that the song sounds like a Tarantino soundtrack are certainly an accurate description.

Clashing of riffs and cymbals power on as Mike takes us through a very distinctive vocal and undeniably catchy hook. You’ll be singing “that girl is misery” while stomping your feet in defiance for some time afterwards!


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