SONG REVIEW: Picture Perfect, Everyone And Everything

pictureperfectlogoTITLE: Everyone And Everything
BAND: Picture Perfect
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: December 4th 2013

Pop-punk music will always have a special place in my heart and I love discovering new bands in the genre. New Jersey band Picture Perfect are the latest ones to appear on my radar and I just love their energetic, catchy sound. Formed in 2011, they’re fairly new to the scene but they have had a number of releases and have clocked up a number of local gigs earning themselves a loyal fanbase.

Everyone And Everything is the debut single from their upcoming album Rose, which is released next month. It’s an angsty track with a real sense of heartbreak told in a beautiful melodic way. This isn’t pure, tongue-in-cheek pop-punk. It has a real grit to it that differentiates itself from a lot of songs in the same niche.

pictureperfectRippling guitar and steady drums start the song with a thick pop-punk vocal over the top. So much emotion is poured into the vocals as the song goes along. A catchy tune is one aspect that is so likeable. Another is the very genuine feeling invested in the words. The instruments clash along to the frustrated and philosophical lyrics which are related through a beautiful voice.

It’s the kind of song that I would love to sing along to at a gig. Swinging spotlights while the band thrash out their feelings on the stage drawing the audience in. As a fan of pop-punk, it definitely makes me want to listen to the album and see what else Picture Perfect can do. We’re left wanting more from them and only another listen can fill that void!


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