SONG REVIEW: Chris Simmons, The Occupant

chrissimmonstheoccupantTITLE: The Occupant
ARTIST: Chris Simmons
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: November 26th 2013

Brighton singer-songwriter Chris Simmons boasts support slots for Passenger and The Maccabees and comments such as “a truly great songwriter with a very distinctive voice” from American country-rock star Jackson Browne but despite that, he remains down to earth and relaxed.

Influences such as Squeeze, The Divine Comedy and Elvis Costello suggest a classic chilled sound and indeed, Chris has a wonderful folksy acoustic style nailed. Quirky individuality surrounds the simplistic air that comes with his music and The Occupant, which is the upcoming single from his debut album which is released early next year. Chris says of his album:

“I wanted to challenge myself more and to make a record that flows as a piece, rather than recording loads of good songs and sticking them together.”

chrissimmonsThe Occupant features Americana strums with mellow echoes which really bore into your mind. Chris’ melodic tones relate a beautifully written story about a woman who has taken over his mind and heart. A gorgeous love song that has more than a few twists and turns! Some really lovely imagery is in the lyrics too including the main hook “cause in my heart and in my head, she is the occupant” which simply leaves you clawing for more gems in the words.

Directed by Steve Glashier, who worked with Fatboy Slim, the video is also something not to be missed. Simple, arty and eerie, it’s a video that has a real film-like quality to it. You’re left with thousands of questions at the end and it’s so intriguing that you want answers! Have a watch.


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