SONG REVIEW: The Deep Red Sky, Kids


thedeepredskykidsTITLE: Kids
BAND: The Deep Red Sky
LABEL: Soundreach Records
RELEASED: October 7th 2013

Scottish alternative five-piece The Deep Red Sky contacted me a while ago with their cover of MGMT’s Kids. As such a big song, it has been covered a few times but it’s always great to hear a fresh take on a track.

Their debut album Plans was released in May and it earned them a number of rave reviews. Music blog When You Motor Away said of the album “energetic, melodic and emotionally affecting” and Just Another DIY Blog described them as “melancholic and yet somehow harmonically epic”.

thedeepredskyIndeed, this strips down the original and leaves it to just the bare essentials. A deep constant bass and a haunting lead vocal which is joined at crucial moments by a female harmony. Soft twinkles allow it to sparkle and it really is a beautiful rendition. Gentle drum shudders which eventually explode into a rock section give it a new edge and rocket it to another level.

The alternative rock ending is a new interpretation of the electronic song and the rise and fall makes The Deep Red Sky’s version really interesting. So much more focus is on the words of the song rather than patterns made by machines. It will stay with you afterwards and you’ll only want to listen again. In all honesty, I was never a huge fan of the original but to hear a rock band cover it breathes a whole new lease of life into a song that has been overplayed to death.

I can only imagine how atmospheric and captivating this would be during a live set. The crystal clear tones of the vocals really lend themselves to a live environment and the slamming instruments would be so powerful echoing around a packed room. Have a watch of the video which simply shows the band recording the song in a studio. Nodding along yet?



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