EP REVIEW: Gue Chevara, Boys Kissing Boys Kissing Boys

guechevaraepTITLE: Boys Kissing Boys Kissing Boys
BAND: Gue Chevara
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: August 20th 2013

Never before have I heard punk done like this. Incorporating all the anarchy and fierceness of punk and then putting a glamorous camp twist on it and labelling it “fashion punk” is not something I’ve come across before. The result is something that is very unique and pretty tongue-in-cheek.

Inverting the Cuban revolutionary’s name, Gue Chevara are calling for a gay revolution and are doing so through wonderful, sexual punk. The Michigan trio’s debut EP dropped this summer and it’s full of short but sweet tracks which all have a strong metallic theme with obligatory camp elements.

It begins with Three with its funky bassline and electro-punk riffs. Frantic hysterical shouts and camp punk vocals alternate the singing and the repetitive riff is an earworm but only until the next catchy guitar. Moving on to Fresh Paint, the vocals up the theatre and the unpolished twangs complement the quirky angsty delivery. Simple deep riffs play it out and into the shortest track Humbucker Nightmare. With bounces and screams, it’s a hectic 34 seconds which in that time also manages to squeeze in a whispery vocal, jumping guitar and a strong drum.

Paisley Curse features a staccato instrumental made up of metallic drums and fuzzy guitars. The theatrical punk vocal is there again and depicts a very over-the-top character, which comes through in the delivery. Banging drums and frantic riffs are very traditional punk and the evil laugh at the end just adds something else. Your Mom is another fuzzy dirty track with the retro punk style nailed. It’s very raw and even a bit whiney, which brings it down a bit. It’s very simple and repetitive, so it’s actually a relief that it isn’t longer. Ending on Sheriff Feely, which is clearly about a sexual encounter with an over-eager sheriff. Funky bouncing electronics and metallic riffs join the traditional angsty vocal which at times as a quirky electronic tone. It does have a catchy chorus which is great for such a short-lived track. Angsty screams finish it off and you’re left with the feeling that you’ve been taken on a journey through some dingey back-streets.

It’s definitely something very different to the punk records I’ve heard before. It certainly isn’t for everyone due to its melodramatic nature but it will no doubt make most people smile. Listen to it if you’re after something a bit light-hearted with a tough exterior.


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