EP REVIEW: Section 60, Welcome To The Dream Factory

section60epTITLE: Welcome To The Dream Factory
BAND: Section 60
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: May 3rd 2013

Sheffield “guitar” band Section 60 are a five-piece who have already racked up a few credentials. Their album Is This Our Day In The Sunshine gained them enough fans to get them on stage with the likes of Reverend and the Makers and The Courteeners. Their latest EP Welcome To The Dream Factory was released this summer and it’s a great mixture of big rock songs, quieter calming acoustic tracks and kooky indie.

The EP begins with Gunslingers, which starts with a deep bassline and a falling casual riff. A distinctive vocal and indie instrumentals comprising of resonating riffs complete with a catchy melodic chorus. A real fierce instrumental is just before the final push which escalates into a great live track. Another heavier track is The North Will Rise, which has a flickering wah sound that kicks it off and continues to make appearances. Atmospheric guitar and a funky beat sit behind a militant vibe and raw rock vocal.

section60Channelling Brit pop in Dream Factory, Section 60 begin to sound a little bit 90s. A kooky indie whining riff joins a soft rolling drum which creates an upbeat rhythm. The pop essence is definitely there and the catchy repetitive riff makes it great driving music. There is a real power charging through it that make it a memorable title track.

Taking things down a gear, Stop The World has a slow soft acoustic opening. It sways gently and provides a calming atmosphere. A melancholy vocal decorates the pretty ballad with its commercial pop sound. It’s the first glimpse of a country influence and it’s seen again on The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You. A trudging drum laced with twinkles and soft slow strums meet up with a folksy vibe and melodic vocal. Both tracks are simple with catchy hooks with The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You having a series of alternative guitar tricks at its end.

Closing on A Way With Words, the EP ends on a retro note. Fuzzy guitars and metallic spurts make up this melodic pop-rock song. A very catchy rhythm and tune along with atmospheric echoes cause it to stay with you as the record comes to an end.

Section 60 are edgy, talented and have a raw quality down to a tee. One thing that really sets them apart is their distinctive voice and their ability to show both light and dark on the same EP. I prefer them stripped back and acoustic but their heavier material suggests they would be a great live alternative act too.


  1. Barbara Jolliffe said:

    There is no justice if this band don’t make it , the songs are good the band is together , and lead singer so charismatic , love every time I watch them .

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