SONG REVIEW: Weatherbird, Johnny Strange

weatherbirdTITLE: Johnny Strange
BAND: Weatherbird
LABEL: End Of The Trail Records
RELEASED: October 28th 2013

I guess it has always been popular for ambitious, creative teenagers to join together and form rock bands. Of course, the vast majority of them give up after a couple of years without much success but Weatherbird are four eighteen-year-olds whose debut single I Might Be More Than You Know reached number one on the Amazon Hot New Release chart and they’ve just completed a full UK tour.

The Telford quartet have hints of Nirvana, Funeral For A Friend and The Cribs due to their fierce punch and catchy hooks, which really resonate with you thanks to their genius songwriting. With comments such as “powerful, driving, impassioned” from Louder Than War and “Johnny Strange is one of the best songs you’ll hear this year” from Alternative Escape, Weatherbird are well on their way to matching their debut’s success with follow-up single Johnny Strange, which features on their debut EP Cut Me Loose.

weatherbird2Beginning with a rippling guitar which quickly changes to a melodic ringing riff teamed with a strong drum and throbbing bass. A gravelly lead vocal is reminiscent of some rock legends including Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl with a more youthful tinge to the licks. Slamming instruments play behind the voice and resonating backing vocals, creating a wonderful alternative fusion in your ears.

It breaks down into a calming, haunting section in the second half where just a lonely guitar sounds over a ghostly vocal murmuring “stranger”. Picking up for the finale, Johnny Strange is a wonderfully catchy track that will leave you in disbelief that Weatherbird are just a bunch of energetic, talented teens.

You cannot deny that their song-writing is first class and with such a distinctive sound that matches up to some established alternative acts, you can be sure to hear a lot more from Weatherbird. Have a watch of the weird and whimsical video below.


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