EP REVIEW: Death In Texas, Pluck

deathintexaspluckTITLE: Pluck
BAND: Death In Texas
LABEL: Last Meal Records
RELEASED: October 7th 2013

I’ve posted videos of Death In Texas’ before and I really love their feisty, magical style. Their music explores the dark side of pop and it’s like a little slice of horror for your ears. With plenty of theatre in the delivery, they are no doubt superb live performers too.

The London based duo is made up of Kane and Ruth Power teamed with a drum kit and piano. Native New Zealanders, Death In Texas came to the UK to progress their music and their debut EP We Will Implode was released in 2011. Their first full-length album is set to be released next year but for now, we’re left with the latest release, Pluck. Former bassist Terry Blake also made a huge contribution and as such is credited on this EP.

deathintexasBeginning with tribal militant drums and electronic militant tones, as Oil And The Water kicks things off. Ruth’s witchy vocal appears and she really belts out some awesome high notes as she passionately powers through. A haunting piano is a signature element of their music and as a result, it is dramatic and eerie with a quirky rhythm. A catchy chorus is what makes you want to listen again and again.

Fear Of The Hundred has a soft dancing riff with a whispery vocal and steady piano, set to a kooky rhythm. In the middle, Kane explodes with a strong tribal drum beat and the whimsical spooky vibe prevails. It’s enchanting much like other Death In Texas songs and the electronic buzzes in the background keep it current.

Latest video release Sonic Switchblade is next with a tinkling piano and a ghostly intro before the fuzzy electronics and strong drums arrive. The vocal creeps steathily along the instruments as the melody drags over it. The piano sequence is the catchy part and all in all, it’s a great live ballad.

Ending on the title track, Pluck has a shimmering piano and bewitching charm. Magic flows through the notes and the fast drums push it along. Ruth’s voice goes a little sultry in places and it sounds a little like an old-fashioned jazz club jive. Once again, the theatre is there and the chorus is pop with a dark edge verging on Gaga territory.

Pluck is a great EP to listen to if you love songs that turn classic pop on its head. Anyone who loves a magical spin in their music should definitely give Death In Texas a try. Their rich vocals, sparkling riffs and tough drums make for a star-studded experience.


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