AskAlex #23

In total contrast to last week’s post, I’m getting happy this week. We all need a mix of light and dark in our lives and rather than bore you with more downbeat posts, I’ll treat you to some smile-inducing thoughts. It’s also a great question for everyone to answer, so leave your responses for me to read through in the comments!

What small things make you happy?
Even though I do suffer from anxiety and I can get very down at times, I’m actually very easy to please too. Just the act of someone giving me a sincere compliment and letting me know that they’re there for me is sometimes enough. I’m lucky to have some great friends in my life and just spending time with them laughing about ridiculous things always really gives me a boost.

Feel-good kids’ films are another source of instant happiness for me. There’s nothing better than laughing and smiling at cartoons and feeling totally relaxed. In the same vein is sitting inside wrapped in a jumper with both of my cats, a good book and a hot cup of tea on a rainy winter’s night. In fact, just the thought of that sentence makes me feel a little warm inside.

I also love crawling into a warm bed after a long shower with soft clean hair and fresh-feeling skin, after a long day. Getting lost in clean bedsheets and slowly falling to sleep is one of my favourite things in the world. If I can do it wrapped in my boyfriend’s arms, that is even better. There’s nothing I love better than our cosy nights in together. We’re very old-fashioned really and love each other’s company so much.

I even get pleasure from disappearing to a coffee shop for lunch with nothing but a book and plenty of time to just be with myself. I learnt to love my own company while at uni and it’s something that I often yearn for when I haven’t had it for a while. It’s something small that can seem pretty insignificant to others but I really enjoy that solitude and time to just wallow in my thoughts.

So, I invite you to explore the little things that make you happy. Let me know because this is a lovely little question to answer!


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