SONG REVIEW: Your Favorite Enemies, I Just Want You To Know

yourfavoriteenemiessingleTITLE: I Just Want You To Know
BAND: Your Favorite Enemies
LABEL: Hopeful Tragedy Records
RELEASED: October 28th 2013

Frequent blog visitors will know that I love an upbeat rock band and Your Favorite Enemies have an energy that fits that bill. The Canadian six-piece have all bases covered with their strict DIY ethos and regularly campaign for human rights. They sound a little like a mix between Queens Of The Stone Age and Elliot Minor and have already played across Europe, Asia and North America.

I Just Want You To Know is their latest single and follows a string of albums, the first of which was released back in 2007. With so much experience behind them, Your Favorite Enemies are accomplished performers and give a very memorable live experience. The latest single is addictive alternative rock with a catchy chorus and slamming instruments. It’s also the first glimpse of their upcoming album Between Illness and Migration, which is due for release in February.

yourfavoriteenemiesMetallic riffs and pulsing drums run throughout the song. Singer Alex’s voice lends itself perfectly to passionate alternative music and the melody is easy to grasp hold of and sing along to. Backing vocals offer an atmospheric echo and the instruments push it along a crashing background.

As well as showcasing their musical talents, the lyrics have a wonderful poetic quality to them and really resonate with you. “We’re so much more than noise” is a powerful sentiment coming from a loud energetic band and obviously lets you know that their music is based on more than sound. It’s about expressing yourself and putting your heart into songs.

Kerrang! have said of I Just Want You To Know: “One of the top 5 new songs melting our ears” and with a very artistic video, just listening to the track only gives you part of the impact. Fire artists, skateboarders and members of Japanese troop FireBandits all feature in it, so it’s definitely a must-watch!


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