SONG REVIEW: Louis Barabbas And The Bedlam Six, Waiting For Bad News

waitingforbadnewsTITLE: Waiting For Bad News
BAND: Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six
LABEL: Debt Records
RELEASED: November 4th 2013

I love when a song really stirs an emotion or mood in me and Waiting For Bad News, the new single from Manchester musician Louis Barabbas definitely does that. So much evil seems to lurk within the bars here and it’s a real drama played out over just four minutes. Such an interesting track and perfect for a winter’s night.

Louis himself has worked as a mime artist and street sweeper and along the way, he’s picked up a wonderful theatrical style. His band Bedlam Six accompany his passionate lovesick character and Waiting For Bad News is a little slice of dark indie folk to treat your ears to. Talking about the single, Louis said:

bedlamsix“Bad guys are always more interesting. In any given situation there is usually one way of doing the right thing and infinite ways of doing the wrong one. But I’’ve played this character too long for him to be a bad guy. “No one can be the villain in their own story. For the first time I found myself really concerned about how people would perceive my character. “It was really important to me that the narrator, whilst so often an object of ridicule or disdain, is never one of outright hatred.””

The song deals with lust, longing and ultimately heartbreak. “I just wanted you to want me” is a line that tugs at your heart-strings and coming from a “bad guy”, it makes you realise that not everyone is good or evil but that we all have traces of both. The band provide some folksy strumming and a simple beat to Louis’ bewitching dramatic vocal.

An explosive chorus which is no doubt very spell-binding during a live set is what really stays with you. That and the characterisation of the narrator, who you have so many mixed feelings about. Some real dark riffs are also there in the second half which gives it an Americana ominous air. Glistening chimes are also present in the backing with ghostly backing vocals behind Louis before the final push.

So much is going on that it’s impossible not to totally submerge yourself in it. Have a listen and let me know what you think! It’s on the latest album Youth out now.


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