EP REVIEW: DaMonoway, Keys Open Doors

damonowayepTITLE: Keys Open Doors
ARTIST: DaMonoway
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: August 25th 2013

Young talent is what makes the world go round and London based producer and writer DaMonoway is just that. A 21-year-old musician who has released a new instrumental project in Keys Open Doors, which is a clever play on words. Having been in the production business for three years, DaMonoway is influenced by the likes of N.E.R.D and The Neptunes. This certainly shows in his style and sound which is made up of plenty of colours and textures, which come together in beautiful soundscapes.

Keys Open Doors begins with an intro with glistening rippling tones and a soft piano which strengthens throughout the track. Synth slides and a dramatic slow piano break lead this electronic kickstarter before a quirky radio fuzz ends things.

damonowayDaydreams Half Forgotten is next up. A melancholy feeling descends and ghostly metallic tones give it an eerie character. Sad bluesy twangs make up a whining riff and it becomes quite atmospheric. Injections of classic rock are present with a bubbling drum and electronic wobbles echoing throughout the track. It is very dreamy and laid-back which is perfect for a stressful working day.

Illuminating the soundscape comes Night Lights. A slow smooth guitar sets a retro soul feel and it’s perfect background music for a civilised social occasion. With its soft beat and singing riff, it’s decorated with festive twinkles making it a relaxing chill-out track that is ideal for a quiet Christmas night in.

Silk is a stand-out track. You get a very cinematic experience from it due to the action which is clearly being played out behind the music. We hear a car being locked and unlocked with rustling and a stormy setting. The music consists of a gentle piano and an explosive electronic string section, which really adds something special to the EP.

Kil Bill Vol 3 is a quirky upbeat track. It’s very repetitive and has an old-school vibe. Jazzy funky blasts coupled with a soprano belting out an operatic sequence is played over and over. It’s aggressive and punchy in places with a docking beat. The circular structure is broken at the end when a Spanish acoustic guitar interjects and brings it slowly down to earth.

Vanilla is another repetitive track with an undeniable catchy hook. Ghostly female vocals and metallic tinkles create a cold wintery feel and there seems to be a wind whistling through the instrumental. The piano adds a dark edge and there are some ominous deep thumps just before the final orchestral blasts.

Winding down with The Grey Test, the EP reverts to an other-worldly state in its last two tracks. The Grey Test has a deep piano, staccato scraping and a frightening electronica which has a spacey feel. Fast patterns litter the music and it has so many layers. A classic rock guitar at the end rounds it off nicely.

Ending on bonus track Venus, it’s the most ethereal futuristic track. Again the ominous space feel is there amongst the glitches and electronic spurts. Rattling beats and eerie cries join a threatening beat marching through, which verges on dubstep. The repetition continues as does the bluesy guitar and fast tribal drums which finish it.

Keys Open Doors is a great instrumental track that touches on many moods. It certainly takes you to some interesting places that are not of this world and finding patterns and stories within music that contains no words is sometimes a tricky task. However, DaMonoway keeps us on the right path by expressing himself perfectly on each and every track. There’s no getting lost here!

  1. Alex Bay said:

    I’m interested to submit my new EP for a potential review. Is there a process for doing so?

    Entitled “Daylight”, is it available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play now.


    Alex Bay

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