Circle Of Reason

circleofreasonMany of you will know how much I love a slamming metal interlude every now and then. Even better if they’ve got a lovely melodic vocal to back it up. Circle Of Reason are just this! The Southampton foursome are a fierce alternative/metal machine who have some truly awesome guitar solos and loud energy.

Beginning in 2010, Circle Of Reason have clocked up their fair share of live performances and have had their videos played on Scuzz and Kerrang! Their EP A Favour For A Stranger received some great reviews including this comment from music site Rock Regeneration:

“They have managed to find a medium between post rock and metal which blends the beauty of multiple heavier genres into one triumphant striding effort”

The debut EP is a masterpiece of alternative rock and their inspiration from Smashing Pumpkins and Queens Of the Stone Age is evident with their grinding riffs, clashing drums and distinctive rock vocal. A newer EP called These Hands and This Mind has yet more monstrous catchy tracks. Taking more of an atmospheric pop turn on latest single Don’t Be Still, they’re covering yet more musical bases.

Having already played live shows with the likes of Freeze The Atlantic and Marmozets, Circle Of Reason are certainly something to get excited about! Keep up to date with them on their Facebook page.



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