SONG REVIEW: Knocking Ghost, Soul Aspiration

knockingghostsingleTITLE: Soul Aspiration
BAND: Knocking Ghost
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: December 2nd 2013

Former remix collective Knocking Ghost have now turned into original artists and bring us a unique flavour of electropop. The trio based in West London realised they shared musical tastes while creating remixes of songs by bands such as Bastille and Erasure. Putting their talents together, they came up with a sound which they describe as:

“A mix of contemporary dance floor music with part late 70’s early 80’s pop, and many different pieces we picked up in-between; but always something with a big brooding soul and a silver lining.”

knockingghostSoul Aspiration is their latest single and it has so much retro pop that has been given the modern treatment. Electronic patterns litter the backing while a steady beat keeps things running underneath. Singer Rob Taylor has a distinctive atmospheric vocal that has a great commercial tone.

The result is quite haunting with so many eerie, spaced-out sounds coming together. However, it also has a wonderful chill out vibe that is perfect for kicking back to. I think the best way to listen to it is to lay down and let it wash over you. If you love soulful electropop that will take you to interesting places, then their recent EP Distractions could be a must-hear!


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