Molly Beanland

mollybeanlandI’ve had a couple of emails recently regarding the work of upcoming artist Molly Beanland. A beautiful name matches a beautiful voice and London-based Molly is someone that I’m getting very excited about for 2014.

As a huge fan of Kate Bush, Molly’s style really resonates with me and I adore her innocent, whimsical tone. Her debut single Night Wishes will be released on January 20th. It premiered on The 405 and received comments such as “a sugary, sticky tangle of booming electronic beats, hypnotic vocals and a suitably explosive chorus”.

Inspired by Rufus Wainwright and the Eurythmics amongst others, Molly takes the fantasy thread to new heights. A definite retro theme runs behind her music and the 80s pop revival is something that is so strong right now. Her sound is both innocent and sexy, quirky and free and Night Wishes really is a gorgeous song to listen to this winter. Molly says that it is:

“The ultimate love hurts tale. Obsession and the greediest of lusts, both wonderful and terrible, painful and pleasurable, you know it’s driving you insane but you are hopelessly addicted. If Night Dreams were a movie it would be a thriller. Part night terror, part daydream.”

As it’s Christmas, Molly has also recorded a version of the stunning 1994 number one Stay Another Day by East 17. Listen to that right here too!

Keep up with Molly on Facebook and Twitter.


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