EP REVIEW: This City Limits, Brittle Brass And Broken Bone

thiscitylimitsepTITLE: Brittle Brass And Broken Bone
BAND: This City Limits
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: October 27th 2013

Having only formed at the beginning of the year, This City Limits are straight off the mark with a debut EP already released. The Leeds four-piece are a young, fresh band who give us their own brand of punk. Merging the ever-popular indie style with edgy alternative, their EP Brittle Brass And Broken Bone is a myriad of cool, darkness and uniqueness.

Beginning with Walked Up To The Water, a metallic alternative track with a dystopian theme in the lyrics. An indie tone haunts the vocal and the guitars growl while the drums beat out a fast rhythm. As the song rolls on, the vocals adopt a more aggressive moshpit vibe and towards the end, the ante is upped by the mob chants. The subject matter points to a desolate, dreadful world where people are forced into sacrifice and death, giving it a really interesting twist.

thiscitylimitsParkway Skin consists of a melodic guitar and fast drums. It is the most pop-rock of the tracks on the EP with the vocal taking a casual quirky approach. A catchy beat and electronic bounces together with a sing-song melody makes it one of the most commercial tracks on the record.

Moving onto Afterglow, This City Limits turn off the lights. A dark guitar trudges through the intro and it evolves into an indie-punk ballad with alternative spurts here and there. There is a sinister undertone which give it a nasty disposition and the harmonies are a little ghostly. It’s a great piece of theatre and would suit an elaborate stage production as the guitars look after the seriousness of the track.

Ending on Image Burn-In brings the EP to an explosive end. Americana twangs are heard at the start with a casual drawling vocal and metallic tones. Slamming drums and sprinkles of guitar run alongside the catchy beat and the moshpit-worthy instrumental towards the end makes it a great live track. Tricksy guitar solos and a gradual end make it a memorable finish to a great debut record.

This City Limits certainly sound promising. As they’re such a new arrival on the scene, there’s no telling which way they’ll go with their next release but they appear to have found a niche that they’re fitting into nicely. I look forward to more from them!



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