SONG REVIEW: Sheen, Skylarks

sheenskylarksTITLE: Skylarks
BAND: Sheen
LABEL: 078 Recordings
RELEASED: November 11th 2013

I do love a new quirky group and so I was excited to hear the work of London six-piece Sheen. Their new single Skylarks was recently released and it’s oh so catchy! The indie-pop band released their debut single Lovelust earlier in the year and the follow-up is a perfect kooky soundtrack to relax to.

Masters at giving energetic, aggressive live shows, Sheen are a band who are racking up a number of positive reviews including “One of the capital’s best underground live talents -worth getting on board with before the hype comes a-callin” from Artrocker. Looking back to 90s shoegaze, Skylarks is a wonderful song that is sure to stick around in your head for a long time afterwards.

Sheen_hiresA chilled pop riff begins things before the sensual vocal of frontwoman Aneta arrives. The punk backing vocals from the rest of the group on the chorus and the steady drum beat give it a rough edge that creates a distinguished sound. Wails of guitars and dream-like fusions give it an other-worldly feel while the fierce rock accents bring us crashing back to earth.

Catchy and infectious, Skylarks is kooky with a big chorus that will no doubt have you tapping your foot along to. With the resonating vocals and grinding guitars, it has the power to capture a crowd and transport them to the heavens for a few minutes to float in a sea of angsty punk. Have a listen!


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