SONG REVIEW: Modern Chemistry, Never Scared

modernchemistrysingleTITLE: Never Scared
BAND: Modern Chemistry
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: November 16th 2013

New Jersey foursome Modern Chemistry featured on the blog back in April when I reviewed their debut EP We’ll Grow Out Of This. They’re back with a new single and a new darker sound which is pretty exciting! Whereas their EP had a heavy pop-punk influence, the new single is much more firmly rooted in alternative rock.

However, the pop-punk is still there in the vocal. Slightly heavier on the drums and a more sinister edge to their riffs show how far they’ve come in the last year. They’ve lost some of their cheekiness which made the EP so much fun to listen to but not at the expense of their music, which is just different to what they’ve given us before.

modernchemistryA riff acts as a siren bringing us into the deep dark vocals and the creeping drums. Harnessing a much more punchy sound, the song becomes a passionate alternative track with a heart-wrenching chorus. The voice becomes quite child-like when insisting that he’s never scared and it’s a really effective way of gaining sympathy and drawing the listener in to what’s really going on.

The song suggests the loss of a love and fears that it won’t ever get better. A universal feeling set to dark, atmospheric riffs with an outer-space feeling at times makes Never Scared a great comeback single. Not only will it gain them new fans but it’s an exciting glimpse into their next full release. Bands who evolve with every record they produce are always the most long-lasting and changing things up is never a bad idea. Have a listen!


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