EP REVIEW: Alexa Ferr, Lipstick On The Glass

Lipstick On The Glass EP (Artwork)TITLE: Lipstick On The Glass
ARTIST: Alexa Ferr
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: September 4th 2013

Described as “rugged pop”, Toronto born Alexa Ferr is the epitome of cool. Now LA based, she has been hard at work on her EP with girl collective The Invaders, who have produced Lipstick On The Glass. It follows her single Fell, which featured Camp Rock star Matthew Finely. A former performance school student, she is heavily influenced by the biggest female music stars of today including Adele, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Beginning with the title track, Lipstick On The Glass gets off to a quirky urban start. Electronic whizzes and a thumping beat back up Alexa’s pop vocals. Metallic twinkles shine in the background as Alexa sighs along to her track. It’s repetitive with R&B judders giving it an edge. It moves onto Rum Cake, which is another urban pop track with a catchy chorus and simple beat. It sounds like a mix between Black Eyed Peas and early Lady Gaga with a Caribbean influence.

Alexa Promo 2My favourite track comes next in the name of Quiet Storm. It’s a wonderful calming interlude in the middle of the EP that really showcases Alexa’s vocal range. Stripped back of all the R&B electronics, a slow piano and melancholic guitar haunt this beautiful ballad. Gorgeous licks and pretty guitar slides create an atmosphere that captivates you like none of the other tracks on the EP do.

Tug Of War has a staccato beat and more stuttering electronics. The urban vocals are staggered and dragged along the club backing. Dubstep whizzes and a thumping R&B vibe give it a fierce personality and once again, it repeats its hook over and over really hammering it home. Can’t Get Enough is clearly a love song with an upbeat quirky twist. Tribal drums kick it off which give it a strong base but the girly vocals delivered in their sensual manner reminds me of a 90s girlband such as Honeyz and Destiny’s Child to a lesser degree.

Ending on Stripped, the album ends on another catchy hook and repetitive cool track. It’s very Lady Gaga-esque with its electronic club beat and a focus on the musical patterns created by the synth. Clapping beats give it a simplistic feel but it’s clear that a lot of technical work has gone into it, which is the same with the other upbeat tracks on the EP.

All in all, it’s party pop with the obligatory urban cool keeping it on trend. However, I’m not a big fan of songs that repeat themselves a lot as it feels a little thin on the ground in terms of lyrical content. Lipstick On The Glass is great for putting on when you’re getting ready to hit the town but not for sitting down and listening to.


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