SONG REVIEW: Vladimir, Come Over

vladimirsongTITLE: Come Over
BAND: Vladimir
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: November 18th 2013

Regular readers will know how much I love a group of talented youngsters and I’m delighted to introduce another one to you. Dundee foursome Vladimir are still only 18 years old but have a heavy, dark sound nailed. Veering away from the upbeat indie that is ever popular with bands their age, they’re channelling something a lot more serious.

With praise such as “The noisiest band in Dundee… once made a sound engineer cry with their levels” from Daily Record, you can imagine the impact these guys are already having at their live shows. The band themselves describe their sound as simply “bleak” so don’t go into this expecting anything like sunshine and rainbows.

vladimirFuzzy guitars and strong drums overshadow a distant muffled vocal. Slurring through the 3:45 song, the song is a distorted mess which no doubt makes a hell of a noise during a live set. They’ve already supported Pigeon Detectives and fellow Scots The View, providing a slice of dark depression to both gigs.

Atmospheric ringing riffs and shimmering drones characterise Come Over, as does the grainy hook. Yes, it’s messy and dirty but it makes a refreshing change from teens producing happy-go-lucky indie music. I personally prefer something sharper but there’s certainly a niche for Vladimir. Have a listen!


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