SONG REVIEW: Sound Menagerie, Stay With Me

soundmenageriesingleTITLE: Stay With Me
BAND: Sound Menagerie
LABEL: Monochrome Chair
RELEASED: February 21st 2014

I’m lucky enough to get contacted by quite a few quirky dream-pop bands and here’s another one who is more than worthy of review! Sound Menagerie are about to release their debut single Stay With Me next month and it’s a really beautiful melodic affair.

Cambridge duo Abi Parker and Stephen Wilson make up Sound Menagerie, a wonderful magical outfit. Since 2011, they have recorded an album entitled Far Or Through and contributed to music book Music For The End Of The World by Michael Linford. Stay With Me is the first glimpse of a new record from them and it’s set to be a kooky, whimsical journey glistening with serenity and magic.

soundmenagerieA folksy drum and simple guitar strums begin the song before Abi’s clean enchanting voice arrives. Melodic rhythms and a sliding chorus that has a catchy folk vibe really gives the track a lot of character. There is also a great country authenticity to it, which adds another dimension.

Sighing, glittering vocals make it quite bewitching and it all creates a highly intriguing atmosphere that draws you in. With so much strong character in the song, it’s little wonder why you’re left with the remnants of it still playing in your head after it finishes. The song itself follows a simple sentiment about being in love with someone wonderful and asking them to stay. A universal beautiful feeling that evokes a happy-go-lucky reaction.

Have a listen to Stay With Me here and begin your weird, sparkly fairytale dream!


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