Richard J Birkin

richardbirkinartworkAfter I reviewed a single by Derbyshire electropop band Ghost Twins, I was contacted by a friend of theirs by the name of Richard Birkin. I knew that I had to feature his soothing instrumental work as it is perfect for this time of year when it’s cold outside and we’re having to stay wrapped up inside.

Richard plays in Derby rock band Crash Of Rhinos as well as a solo project called Emphemetry but he has now released some commissioned instrumental music under his own name. To say that Richard is talented with an instrument or two is an understatement, as these tracks are simply sublime. He says:

“If I don’t play a piano or a guitar every 48 hours I lose the plot. After 2 or 3 minutes of playing a piano or a guitar I’m as calm as a Hindu cow.”

richardbirkinRegular readers will know that I do love songs with amazing, thought-provoking lyrics but that isn’t to say that I avoid instrumentals. Indeed, I’m very glad I listened to these two as they calmed me down and painted many images in my mind. Accretions, which was commissioned for an exhibition on time travel, is an atmospheric haunted piece. Slow pianos create suspense and there’s a dark, sinister sense of oblivion. I kept thinking of desolate landscapes with a sense of foreboding.

A Lullaby Hymn is an epic classical track. It’s a culmination of touring the Emphemetry album, A Lullaby Hum For Tired Streets. Indeed, it does have a wonderful relaxing effect and by the end of the nine minutes, I was thoroughly chilled and carefree. The combination of the piano and violins is very pretty and although it is repetitive, this is welcoming as you just want it to keep singing you to sleep.

Keep up with Richard on Facebook and Twitter.



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