AskAlex #28

A really interesting question this week and an easy one to answer. I’m in the mood for letting my mind rest a bit and this question lets it. It’s also a great exercise for writers when creating their heroes as it allows you to explore how perfect you want your good characters to be. Without further ramble, I’ll continue.

What do you think are the best character traits to have?

I think it’s very important to be honest. However, I think it’s equally important to know how much honesty is needed in different situations. Blurting out the blunt truth all the time is never going to earn you any friends but neither is being fake. Knowing when to tell the truth and when to hold back and say nothing is a trait that I really admire in those that have it.

Being able to juggle work and play without occasionally getting overwhelmed and stressed is another great trait. I’m always envious of those who appear to have plenty of time for both and those who mix the two. However, I also think that being able to switch off from work at the end of the day is something we all wish we could do.

Optimism is always useful and I think it can get you through a lot. I know that optimistics often come across as naive and away with the fairies but to constantly be able to be positive must make life so much more fun. I’m not sure how realistic that is but finding the good in everything is an uplifting trait that no doubt makes you excellent company.

There are numerous other personality traits that I’d be envious to have and that’s because I often feel that my own personality isn’t the best. I’m never deliberately malicious to anyone but I’ll admit that I’m not the most tactful at times and my shyness often causes me to suffer in big social situations. So, people who are more confident and able to express their honest feelings in a softer way are those who I’d love to emulate.

What do you think?


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