SONG REVIEW: BON-BON, She Don’t Want To Know

bonbonshedontwanttoknowTITLE: She Don’t Want To Know
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: November 25th 2013

It’s no secret that I love a sassy female singer and I’m delighted that yet another one has come my way recently. London singer Sian King, aka BON-BON, is the latest chick on the blogosphere and her latest single and EP She Don’t Want To Know is a catchy break from the depressing wintry conditions.

Having only released a couple of demos for download online, BON-BON appears to be already making a name for herself in cyberspace. She Don’t Want To Know is a kooky pop track with a touch of Lily Allen to it. BON-BON’s cool, unique style distinguishes her from the other pop divas of today.

bonbonCatchy electronics provide the hook which blasts at various points throughout the song. BON-BON’s infectious London accent comes through her breathy feminine tones perfectly as the simple drum-led track runs along to a simple rhythm. The song doesn’t really have a climax and remains on one level for the mostpart but the story and vocals stop it being a dull listen.

After the second chorus, the electronics and drums clash together while BON-BON’s vocals are echoed. The concept is easy to relate to as it tells the tale of a girl who doesn’t realise how great her life is, which is something we’ve all wanted to say to someone. Coupled with a video that follows adults at a childish birthday party theme, it’s a fun track to hum along to. Plenty of colour, soaring vocals and an undeniably catchy hook.



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