boymeetsworldI do love a good pop-punk band and BoyMeetsWorld satisfies my craving for a new one. Harnessing the best bits of high-profile names of the genre such as New Found Glory and All Time Low with the aggression of Sum 41, they’re bringing yet more of the tinny guitars and catchy choruses that America does so well.

The Cincinnati five-piece are twins Craig and Ryan Sulken (vocals and drums respectively), their older brother Brad on bass and two guitarists Pat Bryant and Drew Richter. Since the summer of 2012, they’ve been Battle of the Band winners in their tri-state area, released the EP Do What’s Best For You and a Christmas album Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal, which was two years in the making. Finally, it came to a head in December 2013. Craig said of the album:

“It was amazing to see for the first time that so many people were enjoying what we were doing, which gave me the inspiration to record a whole Christmas album”.

Their strong familial bonds and pure passion for pop-rock gives them a great energy that you can feed off of through their music. Fuzzy guitars, an authentic classic pop-punk sound and a cheeky demeanour make BoyMeetsWorld a band that you want to hang out with as much as listen to. Singing about the fun and struggles of growing up, looking ahead to better times and setting it all to an upbeat soundtrack, they’re perfect for the young and carefree. Here is the video for Right Where We Belong.

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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