SONG REVIEW: The Rifles, The Hardest Place To Find Me

theriflesalbumTITLE: The Hardest Place To Find Me
BAND: The Rifles
LABEL: Cooking Vinyl
RELEASED: November 27th 2013

Londoners The Rifles are no newbies to the scene, as the release of their latest album None The Wiser, which is released on January 20th marks the ten year anniversary since their first live show. With as much experience in the industry as these guys, you can guarantee that the support behind them is huge. They’ve established a sound that is still relevant today and they appear to have evolved with the times. None The Wiser is their fourth album and sees the quartet move from their earlier powerpop sound to a laid-back indie that reflects their coming-of-age and maturity.

The Hardest Place To Find Me begins with a chilled Americana riff and upbeat soft rhythm before the vocals arrive. A simple, gentle melody characterises it as it tells a story of a narrator who is struggling to make sense of who he is and connect with his own heart. Feelings of confusion are at the forefront of the lyrics and this is often common in younger bands. It’s interesting that a band who are so grown up still suffer with these emotions and is actually quite educational to the young listener. It seems to say “Hey kid, you don’t know how you feel? Neither do we”.

theriflesAs it is so easy-to-relate to, it’s a very addictive and uplifting track. Too many indie bands put out pretentious music that moans about trivial things. However The Hardest Place To Find Me is a song with a lot of depth told in a poetic way. With fans such as Oasis and Paul Weller, The Rifles are clearly doing something right! On staying together for so long, singer Joel Stoker says:

“It’s our fanbase that has kept us going, totally. We can still play to like, a couple of thousand people in London, and all around the country. We’re almost like a cult band: to our fans we’re “their” band.”

Have a listen to The Hardest Place To Find Me below!



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