AskAlex #34

This week’s question has some pretty obvious answers to it and some that I’m sure everyone would respond with. However, these tastes are unique to everyone, so it would be really interesting to get some other people’s opinions on it!

What automatically makes someone ineligible to be in a relationship with you?

I’ve never been one to focus on physical appearance. You could give me a choice between the hottest male model or someone like James Corden and I’d pick Corden every time. Why? Because I know that I’m guaranteed a great time with him. I’m guaranteed to laugh until my sides hurt, I’m guaranteed to have plenty to talk about with him. Just sitting and staring at someone who looks nice but doesn’t have all that much to say doesn’t remotely interest me and in fact, that’s not really a relationship, is it?

So, the guy has to have some substance. He can’t just be a walking piece of art and he certainly can’t be arrogant. Naturally, I would never pass up the chance to be with a male model provided he has other things going for him. I’m never blinded by someone’s beauty and to me, good looks come as an un-needed extra.

Arrogance has always been something that I can’t put up with. There is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance and someone who manages to get the balance right is perfect. Someone with ambition is also important. They have to have a direction in life and be doing all they can to pursue it. Traits like this are so much more attractive than a pretty face and they really show a person’s value to society.

On a more trivial note, I tend to avoid being romantically involved in anyone who strongly follows a religion. I was born a Christian and was baptised but as an adult, I have chosen to become atheist. Therefore, religion can never play a role in my life and while I’m perfectly happy to have friendships with religious people, I could never become romantically linked.


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