AskAlex #38

A really interesting question this week that I do have some definite answers to. The concept of the question is intriguing too. Thinking of different afterlives is something that really interests me and I’d love to explore that in a creative way at some point.

When you die, you find that in the afterlife you are given a TV that only plays one show but with infinite new original episodes. What show do you choose?

This afterlife does sound awesome. Maybe I would get sick of the same show over and over again but there would always be new episodes to look forward to! The show whose new series I always look forward to most is Family Guy. I have all of the boxsets which have been released in the UK and the release of a new one always gets me excited.

I love the way that it’s always so silly yet so funny. It’s not an eye-rolling, juvenile humour that you get bored of but a witty style that occasionally throws a curveball. Yes, it’s random but the randomness isn’t just shoved into place. In a way, it’s not random at all. It all serves a purpose of making the show the way it is -unpredictable, heart-warming and undeniably hilarious.

The characters and dynamics between familial bonds and within friendships are just perfect. It’s such a well done show that for me, it became addictive. As soon as I began watching, I was hooked on the whole world of Quahog and its inhabitants. I’m not the biggest fan of other Seth MacFarlane shows. Although they’re amusing enough, they just don’t match up in my opinion.

If I was only going to watch a show forevermore, nothing but Family Guy would suffice. There’s no way I could go without laughing the way that show makes me chuckle.


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