AskAlex #39

Any excuse to talk about my relationship with my boyfriend will be taken, so this week’s question is about just that!

What is something you didn’t find out about your significant other until a long time into the relationship?

We’re still happily together, so of course it was nothing major or life threatening to our relationship but I remember during a conversation about the words for male and female animals, Dan revealed that he’d thought a goose was a male swan. I laughed so much and just stared at him in disbelief waiting for him to tell me he was joking. However, he didn’t. It had been a perfectly innocent honest comment and I had no idea that he didn’t know things like that. We’d been together just over four years when that came out!

Another weird thing that I didn’t learn until fairly late into the relationship was that he wasn’t really a fan of potatoes. Even though he ate them in front of me, he told me a few years into the relationship that he didn’t really like them. It was very odd to learn because I couldn’t understand why he hadn’t told me before since he had eaten them with me.

For us, it has just been little things like this that we pick up. He didn’t know that I learned to play piano as a kid or that my teeth were a total mess before I got my braces. However, I think it’s a good thing that there are still things about each other to discover. It keeps it fresh and exciting and it’s great that we haven’t got stuck into a predictable cycle where nothing is new anymore. Dan never fails to surprise me and in turn, that makes me smile all the time. In fact, not giving everything away would be one of my top relationship survival tips. The longer you hold little things like these back, the more your partner has to find out about you and the more interesting you’ll be to them. Of course, don’t become a completely closed book but holding back little trivial things leaves room for them to come out during unexpected times making for plenty of fun and laughs.



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