AskAlex #40

Wow! Cannot believe that this is the 40th AskAlex post. I remember writing the first one and it doesn’t feel like 40 weeks ago at all! To mark the occasion, this post will be a bit different in that it’s not just a block of text of my rambles. This question requires more than words and it may be short but sweet but I hope you enjoy and laugh as much as I do!

Which really short YouTube video makes you laugh uncontrollably?

Short funny videos are often the funniest because they draw you in straightaway, normally with the title and it’s just an instant laugh. They’re often not what you expect when you press play either and this is why I love them. With the rise of Vine and Snapchat, quick bursts of something hilarious are commonplace now and their appeal is obvious really. You can get a laugh without having to set aside time to watch a sitcom or stand up comic.

This video of a penguin falling over is one of my favourites. The noise that the others make is just simply hilarious to me!


I also remember laughing like crazy when I first saw this one of a guy successfully sneezing with his eyes open.


And of course, this is just smileworthy too!


So that’s all for my happy quick videos. Feel free to comment with your favourites too!


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