GIG REVIEW: McBusted Tour

mcbustedlogoGIG: McBusted Tour
BANDS: McBusted, The 3 Dudes, VIX, EOfE
VENUE: The O2, London
DATE: April 24th 2014

Like many girls my age, the announcement of McFly teaming up with James Bourne and Matt Willis was possibly the best news of the year. Tickets for the tour were highly coveted and I was so excited and lucky to get one! Both Busted and McFly were big favourites during my pre-teen and teenage years and I knew that to go back to that time for one night would be a truly amazing, magical experience. In fact, I was praying so hard that they wouldn’t be a let-down, so my expectations were incredibly high.

Midlands pop-rock band EofE (East of Eden) took to the stage first and warmed the crowd up with their energetic edgy riffs and strong beats. They’re a four-piece who were clearly delighted to be playing such a huge venue at such an early stage in their career and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Slightly darker and heavier than McBusted, they are a promising upcoming talent. Next up was McFly’s Danny Jones’ sister Vicky under her stage name VIX with her band. After her brief stint on The Voice, she is back on stage and belting out some big power rock ballads.

Bringing the average age of the room down a notch were South Carolina trio The 3 Dudes. These three brothers are still just teenagers playing pure pop-punk. Tinny guitars and crashing beats may remind you of early Busted even though these kids were babes-in-arms on the release of What I Go To School For. With big success in the homeland including having a song sampled on a Taco Bell advert, they definitely got teen hearts racing in London.

McFly's Dougie Poynter (left) and Tom Fletcher perform as McBustedThe introduction to the main event was like none I’d ever seen before. Excitement built as the screens showed a film of Busted’s split announcement back in 2005. Flip forward to the present and we see McFly in a dressing room getting ready for a show. Back in 2005, James and Matt suddenly realise that they are needed in the future and jump into a car to race to the show. In true Back To The Future style, we see the logo on the McFly drum change to McBusted. The stage then opened up and Matt and James arrived in the car on the stage and joined the McFly boys as the supergroup launched into Busted’s Air Hostess which became You Said No and then Britney and Who’s David? Danny did a brilliant job at filling in for the missing Charlie and a fresh twist was put on these huge Busted classics. After some chat and cheeky anecdotes, the band played McFly’s debut 5 Colours In Her Hair and then into Obviously before bringing things down with a beautiful rendition of Busted’s Sleeping With The Light On. The arena went silent and everyone joined together by raising their phones in the air and creating the illusion of a night’s sky as the band played the tearjerking break-up song.

mcbusted2The screens then cut to a hilarious series of interviews with some redhead characters played by the band members, all talking about a supposed UFO sighting in a small Texan town. McBusted’s humour shone through every second of the performance and this was one reason the gig was such an amazing night. These interviews led to a giant UFO floating above the crowd which the band emerged from, playing McFly’s Star Girl. After some more crude discussions and messing around, they played the quite obscure Busted track Nerdy and then McFly’s Room On The Third Floor.

Returning to the main stage, Thunderbirds Are Go was blasted out quickly followed with an unexpected cover of The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. Recent McFly was visited in the atmospheric Shine A Light before ending with Busted debut single What I Go To School For with huge inflatable footballs and basketballs being passed around the crowd. At this point, my voice was hoarse from shouting lyrics to every single song played but I was still delighted at the encore. The screens showed a section of Tom’s wedding speech which has now reached over 13 million views of YouTube but then was interjected with James and Matt who rubbished it. When the screens went off, the lights flew up and with Matt looking beautiful in a long white wedding dress, they played Crashed The Wedding. Bringing it down a notch, Tom performed the beautiful All About You before the band finished on a comical note with Year 3000 complete with a giant inflatable triple-breasted woman’s chest pinned to the ceiling.

To say I went home ecstatic and thrilled is a huge understatement. In fact, the following day I’m still buzzing from what an amazing fun-loving night it was. I’ve not been to a gig where I’ve had as much fun as I did and I’m delighted that my expectations weren’t disappointed. McBusted have so much banter and they really gel well as a six-piece. I only hope this tour isn’t a one off and they continue to keep playing shows together.

*Photos are not mine.


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