AskAlex #44

YouTube is one of my main sources of procrastination as I’m sure it is for so many people. Recently I’ve discovered a branch of it that I can’t get enough of and I’m delighted that the question this week means that I get to share it with you. Enjoy!

What are some YouTube channels everyone should be checking out?

I should note that these channels will only interest you if you love books and discovering new authors to check out. BookTube is a community of vloggers on YouTube who share their bookish adventures and musings over the internet and I can’t believe I haven’t found these people before. It’s no secret that I am a huge bookworm and I love discovering books and authors that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. BookTube is great for that and as I watch the same handful every few days, I feel like I get to know them. They become almost like friends that I’ve never had a conversation with. I know that sounds really weird but I’ve grown to trust their opinions and look forward to their videos.

Book hauls are my favourite kind of book vlogger videos. This is where a vlogger will show off all the books they’ve accumulated over the last month or so and it’s the best way of discovering new books that you might be interested in. A lot of the BookTubers that I subscribe to are American or Canadian and they often get books that aren’t released yet in the UK, so I often have several releases to look forward to. However, some of my favourite BookTubers are British and these are the ones that I often feel the most affinity with. Complaining about the quality of British paperbacks and the lack of high profile book signings are things that I relate to and I can laugh and moan with them.

Almost my entire subscription list on YouTube are BookTubers and I’ll just share a few of my favourites with you here:

A Book Affair

April Brooks

Benjamin Of Tomes

Beth June 327

Bookish And Nerdy

The Bookish Bunny

Books And Junk

The Book Kitten

The British Book Nerd

Cold Tea And Crumbs

Cozy Tea Reads

Helene Jeppesen

Jesse The Reader

Kassidy Voinche


Kit Kats Can Read

Lexie Reviews

Little Book Owl

Megan Olivier

Peruse Project

The Princess Gummy Bear

Sarah Churchill

Sophie Reads Books

So if you love reading and discovering new genres, I’d subscribe to a few (or all!) of these if I were you. May your BookTube addiction commence!







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