AskAlex #45

A question of self-development this week and one that I’m actually excited to write. I’m unsure where this question will take me but I have a few rough ideas for the answer, so we’ll see.

What hobby have you always wanted to explore but don’t know the correct steps to go through to start?

My hobbies are pretty limited on the whole so there are lot of things that I’d love to try. I am frightened of a lot of things so extreme sports are off limits as is cycling and ice skating. Anything where I could seriously hurt myself doesn’t appeal to me at all as I’m not a risk taker in that sense. One thing that I’d love to be better at is baking. Obviously I love eating baked goods and I’ve always vowed to up my domestic goddess status so I’m hoping this is something I’ll pick up when I’m older and have more time on my hands.

Completely on the opposite side of things, burlesque dancing has always intrigued me too. The pride and confidence that those women have is so admirable and it’s an art form as opposed to straight up stripping. They always look so beautiful and perform such mesmerising routines and I love that body shape isn’t always limited. The industry appears to embrace the female body in all its forms and I think it’s that attitude that mean burlesque performers don’t have any qualms about showing themselves off. I mean, I’m certainly not an advocate for wearing revealing clothes in public but there’s something classy and sophisticated about a burlesque show that is really appealing and liberating. However, getting started on that is something that I’m not quite sure where to start. I could teach myself through YouTube, I guess but I’m pretty sure it’s quite expensive to take classes and build up to a semi-decent level.

I have recently considered jewellery design too because there are so many tiny businesses that produce the most wonderful quirky pieces. Being able to take credit for a pretty dainty jewellery collection and having other people love it enough to buy it sounds amazing. This may have been born from my Etsy obsession but I know that I’m not good enough with my hands to be able to hack it. My creations would be less than pretty and probably not last too long due to poor manufacturing -I’ve never really been a crafty type although I’m in awe of those who are!

What about you? What hobbies would you love to take up?


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